Real Estate agents are being faced with the need to do short sales. So why do real estate agents hate short sales? I’ll tell you why they can be very frustrating. One of the Reasons they are so frustrating is that they take so long and you can lose your buyer while you wait for the answer from the bank. If Realtors can change their perspective on this first buyer it can make a big difference in their short sale. Alliance Short Sales in a company that provides: Education for Short Sales, Short sale Processing, Short Sale negotiation training. We would love to help you with your short sales with education, advice or service. Contact us at 509-747-1101. Short Sales suck, help me with my short sale, help with short sales, short sale negotiation, short sale negotiation, short sale negotiation company, short sale processing, I need help with my short sale, what are lenders thinking with a short sale, lenders suck, how do I stop foreclosure, I want to stop my foreclosure (forclosure), I need help with B of A, Banks of America, Chase, Washington Mutual, Country wide, countrywide sucks, What is the number for my lender, HSBC, Customer Service, Aurora, Wells Fargo, Short Sale success, Jessica Side, Matt Side, Alliance Short Sales, Alliance, Real Estate Agent Training, Short Sale Training, Short Sale Training for Realestate Agents, Short Sales in Seattle, Sucess in the Seattle market, Seattle Short Sales, Will a bank do a short sales, what banks do short sales?, will I qualify for a
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Short sale negotiation scenario based on an actual phone call.