Question by Celeste or DevonZ: What does “insufficient loans secured by real estate” mean when you are rejected for a credit card?
I was rejected a credit card for that specific reason. I don’t own real estate, nor does the credit reporting agency who’s information was used by the bank to see if my credit was good enough have anything about “real estate” in their report. Please let me know if anyone has any insight. Thanks.

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Answer by Judy
Just in case you are under 21 – no one under 21 will be able to get a credit card unless they have an outstanding credit report.
Real estate loans may mean mortages.
Try applying for easier to get credit cards such as Kohl’s, Jcpenny, target, or a gas card.
To get top credit, pay in full each month.
Carrying balances not only destroys your credit – it can easily destroy your life.

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