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Young Homeowners Getting Creative to Make Money Via Renters

Getting a roommate was only one of the ways homeowners explored to increase their income, but more homeowners are getting creative in the pursuit of

September 53, 2021 Real Estate News

Homebound: More Young Adults Living With Parents

New research investigated why the share of young adults living with their parents was increasing and here’s what it found. The post Homebound: More Young

February 50, 2019 Real Estate News

Housing Markets Suffer as Young Adults Delay Household Formation

Millennials continue to postpone adult milestones such as household formation, a trend that is having an impact on the national housing market according to a

March 25, 2018 Real Estate News

Young Adults' Finances May Be Hard to Repair

Younger generations were badly hit in the recession, and many have delayed home ownership, which could put a long-term dent on their wealth later on

March 05, 2013 Real Estate News

Seniors and Young Adults Will Influence U.S. Housing Markets

Washington, March 13, 2012 Aging baby boomers and their echo boomer children will significantly impact trends in the nation’s housing market over the next 20

July 33, 2012 Real Estate News
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