News trends Only Half of Americans Know Their NeighborsThere are two kinds of people: those who look at the glass as half full and others who look at it as half empty. This is one report that helps you define what side you’re on.

According to the study “State of American Neighbors” conducted by State Farm Insurance, approximately 50 percent of Americans know a fair amount of their neighbors by name. However, there are huge differences between generations: While 65 percent of Americans 66 and older know at least a fair amount of their neighbors, only 36 percent of people between 18 and 34 can say the same.

The survey — which counted with the participation of 17,000 people — also found that:

  • 45 percent indicated they would help a neighbor look for a job
  • 44 percent would cook meals for them
  • 32 percent would assist with babysitting to help save on childcare costs
  • 15 percent would lend a neighbor money
  • 10 percent would let a neighbor live with them for a short while

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