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Realty Networks Solutions’ investment group work directly with banks and hedge funds to buy non-performing residential mortgage notes for the group’s private portfolio. We are a privately funded group that collaborates with private investors all across the country to buy individual notes and large pools.The size and flexibility of our group allows us to maximize return on investment while nurturing investor and banking relationships.

Our team works ethically, compassionately and systematically to redevelop communities affected by declining market values and a struggling economy…one home at a time. Having the right balance between social consciousness and a desire to achieve above average rates of return, is a recipe for our success.

Want To Know How You Can Control Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Property For Literally Pennies On The Dollar?

These days, it’s hard to read an article or watch a newscast without hearing about defaulted mortgages and the global financial crisis. Even though this means bad news for many banks at risk for being taken over by the Federal government, it means a HUGE opportunity for savvy investors.

Why? Because savvy investors can purchase the paper (mortgages) held by banks for 25 cents or better on the dollar. That means that with the right knowledge and contacts, you can control $1 million of property (yes worth $1 million in TODAY’S economy) for as little as $250,000!

How Can You Find These Discount Bank Notes?

It’s not really that hard. Like anything, you just have to know where to look. Sure, you could spend weeks or months cold calling banks asking if they have notes to sell you, but that’s probably not going to get you what you’re looking for.

Usually, the bank employee will tell you that they don’t sell notes or they don’t know what you’re talking about. Of course, the real answer is that they just don’t KNOW that their bank sells notes or has a non-performing loan department that would love to sell off their non-performing loans.

It’s The Relationships!

So, how do you get to the right people in the bank so that you can start buying notes at huge discounts? The answer is easy. You need to work with someone who ALREADY has the contacts.

Our Portfolio Advisor has been working with banks buying, selling and brokering notes for the past 12 years. We have contacts at all the major lenders and direct access to find exactly who we need to talk to in order to purchase the paper on 1 property or 50 properties, all at ENORMOUS discounts.

We can help you, right now.

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Lucrative World of Note Buying!


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