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Hello Friends, So many questions, so much uncertainty still. As much detail as there is on the US Treasury’s website and the press releases that went out Wednesday, things are still clear as mud! Mainly due to the fact that the investors and servicers of these new potential mortgages are not required and most likely, in a lot of circumstances will not want to touch some of these loans. If you go to, I have a Q & A format of the top anticipated questions on the refinance initiative and if you want the confusion right from the “horse’s mouth” then you can go to the Fed’s site at The major positives with this initiative if this truly comes to fruition; 1.Loan to value up to 105% of the value with no mortgage insurance. 2.Lifted or reduced credit score penalties. 3.Automated valuation where an appraisal will not be required in many cases. 4.Limited or reduced allowable closing costs to protect the borrower from high fees. The major concerns that have not been addressed which may cause this program to be a big flop like the FHA Secure Program and FHAs Hope for Homeowners crash and burn where the program was cancelled months after announcement of the programs because again, not bank or private investor wanted to take the unnecessary risk associated with the guidelines; 1. Investors or banks still have to agree to the program as the Feds cannot dictate or force participation in the program or restrict the investor from implement their