In Temple Horses’ 11th sketch, a young man applies for a forbearance on his student loans. Written by Nick Ruggia and Ryan Hoffman Directed by Nick Ruggia and Ryan Hoffman Cinematography: Ronald Giameo Jr. Edited by: Nick Ruggia CAST Banker RYAN HOFFMAN Applicant NICK RUGGIA Bank Manager? TRAVIS PINON
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Many people today are suffering the loss of their jobs, their income and their homes. Legislation has been passed by Congress in an attempt to help these diligent home homeowners, who through no fault of their own are losing their homes to foreclosure proceedings by the banks and lenders. These desperate homeowners are contacting their banks and lenders in an attempt to modify their loans, for example by reducing their monthly payments, by reducing interest rates or tacking unpaid mortgage payments on to the end of their loan. The banks received TARP funds, bail out monies, from the Federal Government with the intent to enable the banks to begin loaning money and/or modifying existing loans to stimulate the economy and assist these desperate homeowners who have fallen on hard times. However, no matter what you hear, the banks are NOT loaning money. Instead, homeowners are being given the run around. Homeowners make innumerable calls to their lender inquiring about a loan modification. Most of the time, the homeowner is met with no answer. Messages are left on the lenders voice mail; however, the messages are seldom returned. When a homeowner is fortunate enough to speak to a lenders representative, phone calls are put on hold, disconnected, transferred, shuffled from person to person and department to department. Some homeowners state they have made over twenty (20) phone calls in a month and sent multiple copies of requested documents to their lender. When the homeowner