Question by ObamaBot THX-1138: Is the Stimulus Plan Working?
From Econbrowser:

“A couple of weeks ago we received the encouraging news that retail sales for both January and February were 1.8% above December. On Monday the National Association of Realtors reported that February sales of existing homes were 5.1% above January levels on a seasonally adjusted basis. Today the Census Bureau reported that new orders for manufactured durable goods rose 3.4% in February, with new orders for nondefense capital goods up 7.4%. And also today the Census Bureau reported that new home sales in February were up 4.7% (on a seasonally adjusted basis) relative to January.”
No pinheads – People often give details to backup their case. And they often expect others to read those details and respond to the facts they raise.
Just an idea.

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Answer by No Pinheads!
HELL NO! Not only has it not had a chance to work but the increase in taxes that WIL COME will destroy what’s left of the economy. There is no way that all this sh*t can be paid for without raising taxes!

Get money into the hands of consumers through tax cuts. Government spending won’t work. Never has and never will!

Barry is a pinhead!

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