Question by Heinrich: In dubio pro reo, why not in America?
Hasan was definitely a brutal and cruel killer. But why does everybody accuse the government of too much “political correctness” not calling him a terrorist after the attacks?
I thought “in dubio pro reo” is used in every Western country? (If they cannot fully prove the accuse they have to drop it)
I mean yes, he is probably a terrorist, but how can we be so sure it was an act completely based on the misunderstanding of “Jihad” and just the ambition to spread Islam with bombings?
This guy was born in America, military psychiatrist, had to go to war soon, which he knew was the end for him. A really high part of this was definitely personal- related not Islam-related.

So why do we expect Obama to call him a pure terrorist when we cannot even prove this?

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Answer by Sarah Palin
you do the hookie pookie and you turn yourself around
that’s what it’s all about.

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