Question by Ben A: I’m trying to clean up my credit and I have a question about a student loan…?
I have a student loan that’s 200+ days delinquent, I want to get the loan out of delinquency, but it’s like $ 590. There is an option that Sally Mae gave me, where if I make a payment they can give me a “forbearance” option, where my loan is extended, and all of the overdue balance is put back into the loan.
This would obviously be better for me, but if “forbearance” looks bad on my credit reports, I’d rather just pay off the 590. I couldn’t get a strait answer from sally mae, so my question is this:

Has anyone ever heard of “forbearance” on a student loan, and does anyone know if it affects your credit reports?

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Answer by wendy.balsam
i put my loan in forbearance (when i moved across the country and didnt have a job for 3 mo) so you should be fine…it wont hurt your credit…mine is currently at almost 700 and its not due to that. it looks better to put it in that status than not pay it.

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