The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or FDIC is a US government corporation that insures deposits of member banks up to 0000 for each individual who deposits money in the member bank. Banks normally take in deposits and then loan out money to individuals and businesses that they deem likely to repay the loaned funds. The role of the FDIC is to provide a guarantee to people who deposit money at FDIC member banks that should the bank make loans that are not repaid, the individual who deposited their money at the bank is nevertheless guaranteed to receive their funds. In this way then, the FDIC “has your back” so to speak! The FDIC can provide this guarantee as the standards to be a member of the FDIC that banks must meet are establishes. For example, to be a member of the FDIC, a bank must have a risk base capital ration above eight percent (8%). So, when choosing where to deposit your money, look for a FDIC member bank and then go ahead and “stash your cash!”