1006HGTVMagazine Extra, Extra: HGTV Hits the NewstandNot only can you watch room-by-room transformations, but now you can read all about the tips and tricks from the design experts who make them happen. HGTV Magazine premiered this month with 144 glossy pages on everything about living well, at home.

Although the magazine’s look is high end, the articles are geared towards homeowners who don’t have the budgets to achieve high-end makeovers in this low-end economy. This isn’t an “eye candy” publication featuring unobtainable decor in celebrity multimillion-dollar homes, but a monthly piece packed with DIY tips for mainstream America.

“It doesn’t feel intimidating and off-limits. This is an accessible and relatable ‘you can live like this’ magazine”, says the magazine’s editor, Sara Peterson.

One of the challenges for the magazine was figuring how to translate the popular HGTV real-estate shows, such as “House Hunters,” into print, without the video and interactive quality that’s built into TV, so it’s testing the market to see how the magazine is received.

You can preview yours for free.

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