0804koolaidman Cool Ideas for Kool AidWhat’s your favorite Kool-Aid flavor? Mine is strawberry lemonade. And although I’m old enough to “knock back a cold one”, for me, nothing beats the heat like a glass of ice-cold Kool-Aid.

Since 1929 it’s been an American beverage staple, but I was surprised to learn of other things you can mix up with this old-school favorite.

0804koolaidlipgloss Cool Ideas for Kool Aid

Lip Gloss. Chapped lips can get tasty relief with this Kool-Aid mixture.

0804koolaidcake Cool Ideas for Kool Aid

Angel Food Cake. Who needs food coloring when you can add this low-fat ingredient to the recipe?

0804koolaidyarn Cool Ideas for Kool Aid

Tye-Dye Yarn. Make delicious-smelling blankets, scarfs and sweaters with this Kool-Aid dyeing technique.

0804koolaidplaydoh Cool Ideas for Kool Aid

Scented Play-Doh. Playing with this all-time favorite just got better and so did its doughy smell.

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