0907smallspacelarger Big Tips to Make a Small Space Appear LargerWe know some of the tricks to living larger in a small space like strategically placing mirrors, painting with light hues and decorating with multi-purpose furniture.

The Nest gives us more to think about when it comes to making a small room look bigger.

Space it out. Shoving furniture against the wall isn’t always the answer. Sometimes a piece looks better at an angle or with some breathing room.  Floating a sofa with a skinny console behind it just might create more space.

Lift your ceiling. A white ceiling isn’t the only way to open up a space. Adding a little texture with bright colors draws the eye upward as well, creating the illusion of height.

Adding big furniture. Despite what you might think, putting a lot of tiny pieces in a small room, only clutters it. Displaying one prominent furniture piece, like a statement sofa rather than multiple mini ottomans or floor pillows for example, actually frees up floor space for traffic flow.

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